Rev. Dr. Wayne Chasney

Weekly Meditation

Pastor Wayne began his ministry at Monroeville in August, 1993, after graduating from Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, PA. Pastor Wayne has his Doctorate of Ministry from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with a focus on ministry in the small church.

In his spare time, Pastor Wayne loves running, reading and cheering for the Minnesota Vikings.

Pastor Wayne is married to Rev. Wendy Schindler-Chasney, pastor of St. John's UCC, Milan. They have two daughters.

"Jesus answered, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life." (John 14:6)

    It's stewardship season. For these first three weeks of November we are taking time in worship to focus on what it means to be stewards of God's many gifts. That, and encourage people to give to support the ministry of the church. Yes, I'm sorry to break it to you, the church needs money in order to carry out the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.
    While money is a part of stewardship, it is not the only part. Stewardship to me is about how we care for everything God has entrusted to us. That includes our wealth and possessions, but also our relationships with others, our care for our own health and well-being, our care for the health and well-being of others, care for creation, and more. How do we care for, or steward, the gifts of God?
    Our theme this year is, "The Way to Live." As disciples, we are striving to live in such a way that the kingdom of God becomes real in each of us and is extended to the world through us.
    When it comes to the way to live, there is a difference between "the good life" which many seek and the "abundant life" which Jesus calls us to. The good life focuses on luxury and leisure, mostly for our own selves, but often leaves us feeling somewhat empty or lacking. Abundant life, however, turns outward toward others and is a life of love for God and others, a life of gratitude, and a life of generosity. The Way to live is the Way of abundant life.
    One of the great obstacles along the Way to abundant life is our "stuff." Stuff refers to anything we fill our lives with and as comedian George Carlin observed, for many the meaning of life is, "trying to find a place for your stuff!" For those seeking the Way of abundant life, however, the meaning of life is about building a good relationship with stuff. To that end, we have to work to not let stuff dominate our lives. All our stuff isn't really ours; ultimately it belongs to God. And what does God want us to do with God's stuff? God wants us to share.
    This coming week, the last week of this stewardship focus, we are going to look at how we put our stewardship into practice as we are striving to live in such a way that the kingdom of God becomes real in each of us and is extended to the world through us. Christian Practice. That's the Way to live.